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In honor of SF Beer Week, this bit of beer geekery appeared in the Chronicle this past weekend, asking some of their writers what they thought were the 4 most iconic beers ever made in the Bay Area. The “Mount Rushmore” of Bay Area beers.

Paulista’s list looks like this:

Anchor Steam – That’s an easy one. No Anchor Steam, no craft beer, no Paulista.

Lagunitas IPA – For years this was THE IPA in the Bay Area. In fact people would walk into a bar, and just order an “IPA” because they thought that there was only one.

Pliny The Younger – If people camp out overnight in the rain for a beer, it gets to be on Mount Rushmore.

Bombay By Boat IPA – Our top 3 picks are rather obvious, but here’s our underground pick. Moonlight Brewing started making this beer back in 1992! One of the first IPAs made in the U.S. And you can still get it today.

Okay future and fellow Paulista beer nerds, what’s on your Mount Rushmore of Bay Area beers?


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  • Adam Kupersztoch says:

    Getting a Russian River brewing account is tough. If y’all can carry Fieldwork beers (Berkeley), Cellarmaker beers (SF), and Alpha Acid (Belmont and actively looking for new accounts), I might be at your establishment nightly. Happy to participate in any and all beer brainstorming and drinking (and I live around corner from Glenview Elem). Cheers and good luck!!

    • Alex Y. says:


      Excited to have such a passionate craft beer fan in the neighborhood! And we’ve got no problem with you becoming a fixture at Paulista!

      We, too, are big Russian River, Fieldwork, Cellarmaker, and Alpha Acid fans. We hope to feature all of their beers often. We also love what a lot of the newer breweries in our immediate area (and we’d count Fieldwork in this category) are producing. We’re very into what Novel and Temescal Brewing are doing in Oakland, Cleophus Quealy in San Leandro, and East Brother in Richmond. And we’re super lucky that some of the local breweries that have been around for a few years now – Rare Barrel in Berkeley, Altamont in Livermore, Ale Industries in Oakland, to name just a few – are making consistently excellent, as well as singularly unique, beer.

      This is all to say that we take sourcing our beer very seriously, and plan on having a top notch list every time you come in (nightly, right?) Our tap list will constantly rotate, so you can count on having new things to try all of the time. You’ll also be able to keep your eye on our list on our website, as well as through social media sites like Untappd.

      Thanks again for your interest and passion, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

      – The Paulista Team

      • Doug Humphrey says:

        Great local breweries – Fieldwork, Novel, Temescal, Altamont ,… add Faction (Alameda) to that list and you have all my favorites!

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