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It’s been a big week for us. As we continued to inch our way through our 17-day posting of our change of hours to our conditional use permit, we posted our 30-day Type-41 Beer and Wine application notice. All the while, we continue to prepare for our initial health department visit, get ready for our build-out, make final decisions on our floor-plan, our signs, our tabletops, our glassware, and it goes on, and on, and on. Oh, and work at our day jobs (yes, we both still have those).

And who knew that you have to notify all neighbors within a 500-foot radius on your liquor license application via U.S. Mail? And no, you can’t hand deliver the notification – we’re talking post office. How do you even figure out who to deliver these to? A combination of walking and the internet, as it turns out, is the answer. In the end, we learned that there are about 200 addresses within 500 feet of us – that’s a lot of stamps! It’s also, obviously, a lot of potential Paulista customers, so ultimately, this is a good thing.

But the best part of our week was getting our first non-social media press via Berkeleyside Nosh. Big thanks to Kate Williams for the really well-written piece! I’ve been a part of quite a few newspaper and internet write-ups over the years, and this is honestly the first time where a reporter has gotten it all 100% right! We will be fans of hers for life.

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