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Jesse Madway

Paulista: The Road Back Home

By Behind the Scenes 38 Comments

Welcome to the very first Paulista blog entry!

Right here, in this very space, at least a couple of times a week, we will update you on the latest craziness involved in opening our restaurant and taproom. We hope it proves a bit therapeutic for us, and at the very least, informative and entertaining for you.

So normally our entries will be about what’s happened in the last couple of days as we move towards opening up, but for this first one we’re going to have to go back a ways – way back to the fall of 2011.

That’s when Alex and I met – as parents of kindergarteners in Mr. Witte’s class at Glenview Elementary. My daughter Ellis and Alex’s daughter Mimi became fast friends, and soon were referring to each other as best friends; Alex’s wife, Kimi, and I realized that her best friend from her days at Oakland’s McChesney Junior High (now Edna Brewer MS!) was my best friend’s wife; and Alex and I began to talk about our two passions in life – for Alex, Brazilian food and culture, and for me, beer. Before long, we had come up with this crazy idea of starting a craft beer taproom that featured authentic Brazilian food. And this isn’t a crazy concept, Alex told me. In São Paulo, there are these beer focused restaurants that do exactly what we want to do. “We can do it here, I know we can,” he’d say.

So we talked, and we talked, and we talked about this great idea, and about how our neighborhood and the neighborhoods surrounding it had completely missed the memo about this whole craft beer revolution, not to mention knowing nothing of the wonders of real Brazilian food. By 2013 or 2014, we even started to have some official meetings, and work on a business plan. But you know how it goes, we were both working full time, we both had young kids, and like so many other people’s great ideas, they just kind of fell by the wayside. Alex and I would see each other, but we stopped talking about the whole Brazilian taproom thing.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, and one us, I actually don’t remember which one of us it was, brought it up again. We need to do this, we agreed. So the business plan came back out, we scheduled some regular meetings, and before you knew it, we were standing in an available space in Montclair speaking to a real estate agent about building out a kitchen.

And that brings us back to today, as we get ready to open our dream restaurant – a Brazilian craft beer taproom. And more than that, a Brazilian craft beer taproom in Glenview, our very own neighborhood. We couldn’t be more excited.

So today, as our first blog entry posts, we also post our 17-day notice of the change of hours on the conditional use permit for our space. Because Paulista will be, more than anything, a gathering place for the community, it needs to be open from morning until night, so that no matter what time of day it is, the neighborhood knows that we will be open. That they can have a meal, or a beer, or meet a friend; whether it’s 7am or 8pm, we will be open.

So that’s about it for now. Again, we are super excited for what is to come, and we’ll keep you up to date every couple of days as we get all of our permitting done, complete our renovations, and open for business this summer. Thanks for reading!