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Paulista is a new restaurant and craft beer taproom whose goal is to become an all-day hub for Oaklanders to eat great food, drink great beer and wine, meet, work, laugh and relax. In short, we are a family-friendly community gathering place for people of all kinds, doing all kinds of things, from morning until night.










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Paulista features a food, craft beer, and wine experience like no other in the Bay Area. From acai bowls to empanadas, to traditional coxinhas, all alongside amazing local craft beer and wine, we bring the delicious flavors of Brazil to our customers from morning until night.

Craft Beer and Wine Taproom

With 24 constantly rotating beers, ciders, and wines available in our taproom, there is no shortage of wonderful drinking choices to be made each time you visit us. Just as our space itself is all about our amazing local community, our beer and wine focus is also hyper-local, emphasizing the amazing beer, cider, and wine being produced right here in our own backyard. By partnering with local breweries, cideries, and wineries, we hope to develop a long lasting relationship that not only supports local small business, but also assures that we will get the very best, freshest, and most innovative beer, cider, and wine that is available on the market.


At Paulista, Feijoada, the national dish of Brazil, is prepared with black beans, beef, three types of sausages, and lots of love! In São Paulo, feijoada is traditionally served in restaurants on Wednesdays and intended to be a leisurely midday meal (at Paulista, we’ll serve it all day every day!). Feijoada, quite simply, is Brazilian soul food and is similar in many ways to American southern soul food. After trying Paulista’s feijoada, you will wonder how you went so long in life without it!


There is perhaps no Brazilian street food more delicious and well-known than the world-wide famous coxinha. The golden, crunchy outside of the coxinha surrounds a layer of soft dough filled with moist shredded chicken, tomato, onions, parsley, scallions, and sometimes different cheeses.  The doughy pocket is closed off and fried, creating a crispy, mouth-watering snack. In Brazil, everyone has their own way of eating a coxinha.  Some people prefer to eat coxinha at breakfast.  For others, it is strictly a lunch or dinner snack.  And at Paulista, we will of course serve coxinhas all day long!


Moqueca is a dish that has been both savored and celebrated in Brazil for many hundreds of years.  This robust and colorful meal features fish, fresh vegetables and complex flavors along with the delicious taste of palm oil, making it a Brazilian staple. Traditionally, this meal was meant to be shared with family, friends, or an entire community of people. To get the full Brazilian experience, bring your family and friends along with you to Paulista and order Moqueca all around!


Esfihas are one of the most popular and well-known snacks in Brazil, and millions are eaten every day. An esfiha is a round of leavened bread spread with any number of ingredients and served either open or closed. They were originally brought to Brazil from the Middle East by the large immigrant communities from Lebanon and Syria, most of whom settled in São Paulo. There are many different versions of esfihas – some featuring ground meat, cumin and onions, and others including ingredients like chicken, eggplant, eggs and, cream cheese. Esfihas are a great example of the cultural diversity to be found in Brazilian food. 

Acaí Bowls

At Paulista, we plan to revolutionize how our customers think of breakfast – and this starts with our incredible acaí bowls. Featuring the Brazilian acaí berry – a superfood – acaí bowls are not only ultra healthy, but when executed correctly, are also incredibly, mind-blowingly delicious. At Paulista, you will get the authentic Brazilian version, and you may find that your breakfast lifestyle is changed forever. And by the way, at Paulista we’ll serve acai bowls all day long!

Juices & Smoothies

Our juices and smoothies are fresh, made with carefully selected fruits from Brazil, other tropical regions and California. Our Juice bar features a selection of Brazilian pulp and exotic fruits found in the Amazon forest, in a menu with a great variety of healthy juices and refreshing smoothies, rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

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